The villa stairs pay attention to quality and detail

1, plate selection is important.

Wooden pedals are still the mainstream this year.

Good stair pedal should choose the wood with lower moisture content, deformation is not easy after this kind of wood is stressed, relatively safe.

Of course, the material that uses stair pedal had better pass two times drying processing, will affect the service life of stair directly otherwise.

Remind: should knock pedal from flank and different point of front, sound is clear, do not come loose is good, and what low frowsy, timbber stagnate passes drying only commonly or without drying at all.

2, top paint process can not be ignored.

It is mainly the paint treatment of the pedal surface. If the paint of the handrail and pedal is not qualified, the later maintenance is very laborious, and it is easy to become old, aging and damaged.

A lot of foreign stair brands used advanced floor processing technology, if add wear-resisting paint layer on the surface, can save many special care so, wipe at ordinary times can.

Caution: pay attention to whether the paint on the pedal is environmentally friendly.

If the material contains volatile toxic substances, coupled with up and down the stairs, people's breathing will speed up, greater harm.

3, the warranty period of at least one year.

Stair because plank difference, produce quality problem to be in more within a year, the stair with normal quality in a year, won't appear basically after a problem.

Generally untreated or only after a drying pedal, after a year of the year (especially summer and winter), the difference of natural temperature change will produce adverse reactions to it, such as mildew, discoloration, deformation.

A lot of non-standard stair manufacturers promise the warranty period of half a year only.

The staircase is made up of many parts. If you ignore the details, many problems will still arise.

In order to avoid these problems, consumers should be careful.

Noise wants some smaller: stair should not only firm, safe, beautiful, still should not give out excessive noise when using.

The thunk, thunk that comes from stepping on the stairs is terrible, especially in the dead of night.

The noise of the stairs is related to the material of the step plate and the overall design, as well as the connection between the various components.

Acute Angle should eliminate: all parts of stair should be smooth, round, without outstanding, sharp part, lest cause harm to the child.

At the same time, the stair pedal should pay attention to do rounded corners to avoid scratching the feet.

Handrail to be comfortable: if the use of metal as the stair banister handrail, it is better to ask manufacturers to do a processing on the surface of the metal, especially, cold metal in winter, let a person particularly uncomfortable, this is especially important for the elderly.

There is the armrest of a kind of special material on the market at present, have the cool feeling like metal, feel is not icy however.

The handrail diameter of stair is appropriate with 5.5 centimeters, because the tiger mouth of the person is 5.5 centimeters commonly, lift very comfortable.

Baluster against collet: baluster spacing should be appropriate to prevent children from collet or falling from stairs.

Many people will require the installation of glass guardrail, so as to avoid a lot of unsafe factors, the shape is also very beautiful.

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