The advantage and charm of iron art

Someone once asked a student of the author, what is iron art?

The student said it was a work of art made of iron.

The question and answer is short, but the key point has been made.

According to the author, the scope of iron art is quite wide. In addition to the ordinary small ornaments made of pig iron, wrought iron and steel, the sculptures made of steel in the park and the iron shapes inside the buildings can be called iron art.


From the point of view of life, wrought iron made of small ornaments, has been very widely into the residential li people, this small ornaments, useful wire welded into the figure, animal, plant modeling.

Although the shapes of these animals and plants are not lifelike, and some even have no facial features or expressions, this kind of art shows the verve, that is, the beauty of expression.

The author has seen a work of iron art named "struggle", it can be said that everyone loves.

Originally, modelling is a youth football player, he is on the pitch that ten thousand people pay attention to, appear with sharp and irresistible soldier image, the instantaneous dynamic of a shot at goal, make you admire unceasingly.

The author has seen a lot of iron art works with five colors of oil paint painted on the iron wire, the color of these works, it is production personnel completely by reverie and make, but produced a person is fascinated however, or it is the effect unforgettable.

At the Hong Kong International Arts and Crafts Exhibition, there is a colorful iron welding artwork named "Ballet", depicting a female ballerina, with its unique dance and elegant dress, won the unanimous praise of visitors at home and abroad, and this colorful iron art is only 30 centimeters high, and only 10 centimeters wide.

Another is a large outdoor steel sculpture, this work is often a city, a town, a representative building of a school.

Of course, you can imagine its size and weight.

Like our city zhenhai district located in qingshuipu "take off", is belongs to this category.

Because it is made of iron and steel, therefore, in the sunshine, a bright color, looking at the magnificent sculpture, so that people see the passion surging.


In recent years, a kind of iron art decoration that is called group image is tasted newly appeared, that is a kind of many small iron wire group image.

Themes include sports, instrumental ensembles, gods descending from the earth, horses hissing and so on.

This group is like iron art, some small, some medium and large (of course, no giant), in the tourism environment, formed a colorful landscape line, is a symbol of real art embellishes life, it has practical significance that can not be underestimated.

So everybody likes it.

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