Whole household industry of popular way stair waits to try water

In the depressed market environment, home decoration building materials enterprises, in order to change the current situation of rising operating costs and weak profitability of a single product, have extended to other decoration fields, to create the decoration service mode of "interior overall home furnishing".

That is, set floor, furniture, doors and Windows, stairs, cabinets and other products in one, starting from the design, the relationship between decoration, construction, building materials, furniture, accessories and so on fully coordinated, each part according to the design style of factory production, to achieve the perfect combination of style and technology.

The diversified business model of "whole home" tests the comprehensive strength of enterprises in capital, brand, design, technology, talents and channels.

So far, the staircase industry has tested the overall household model for 3 years.

From the successful several enterprises, "the whole wood home decoration" can effectively help staircase enterprises to develop market channels, avoid the homogenous competition brought by a single product model;

At the same time, it has increased the profit points for the agents and expanded the terminal consumer groups.

With the strong hand "overpass" the bottom gas stair enterprise transformation "whole household", to the doors and Windows, floors, cabinets and other areas of extension, segmentation of its market, can broaden their own investment channels, for dealers to expand the profit range.

At the same time, other industries also aimed at the staircase industry this fresh "cake".

In recent years, a batch of come from the enterprise of the domain such as door of furniture, wood, floor, ambry already or be in with "integral household" model cuts into emerging stair market, fruitful.

At the present stage, compared with the staircase industry, furniture, floor, doors and Windows, cabinets and other industries are larger, the enterprise development is more mature, its brand influence, capital strength, management mode, channel management and other aspects are stronger than the staircase enterprise strength and solid foundation.

As a result of "integral household" it is system of a high-end product, stair enterprise enters new domain also is high-end market inevitably, the opponent that faces nature also will be the strong brand of this domain, with these strong hand "pass a measure", stair enterprise should have more powerful strength undoubtedly.

The rise of the trend of "integral household" forms a test to the operation capacity of the enterprise.

Enterprises must have strong comprehensive strength and resource integration ability to adapt to this development.

At the same time, the professional stair enterprise realizes "the whole household" not only has the diversification management "the hua Shan a road".

In the short term, it is very important to strengthen the accurate grasp of consumer trends for the research and development of new products. At the same time, it is a good way to strengthen cooperation with related enterprises, such as strengthening team communication, research and development cooperation, joint marketing, etc.

In the long run, appropriate related diversification can enhance the discourse power of enterprises in the development trend of "whole home".

At present, there are already building materials home decoration, furniture enterprises through alliance, interactive marketing and other means, for the multi-party cooperation to provide marketing innovation.

Strength determines the mode.

Enterprises should have a correct understanding of their own strength and advantages, precise positioning, to adopt the appropriate business model, so that there will be greater development potential and broader market space.

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