Aluminum art door customization needs to pay attention to several aspects

In the home decoration project, the choice of the courtyard gate is crucial. A good aluminum door can be said to be essential in home life.

It has practical value and aesthetic value, and with the continuous development of the customization trend, the aluminum art door now also opens the customized route, then we need to pay attention to these aspects when we customize the aluminum art door!

First, the selection of aluminum door style problem

Now courtyard gate mainly, wrought iron and aluminum art two choices, wrought iron emphasis on arts and crafts, high-end, wrought iron gate prices are high, average household is very difficult to accept, aluminum art door can be mass production, key adornment use sand casting and die casting parts, the need for hot dip galvanized processing, such as in effect at the same time reduces the cost, aluminum the rely on first impression that gives a person is not rust,

When we choose aluminum doors, we will improve the visual beauty to a great extent, making our courtyard more attractive as a whole.

Two, aluminum door has the role of blocking the line of sight

Such as wooden sliding door or glass sliding door, their degree of light shade is not the same, so the material of different determines the differences of transparency, but the position of the aluminum art door place is different, the demand for its function is also different, generally large space separated into small space in addition to the material of sliding door to consider and to consider the lighting problem of the space,

So, different functional area also has difference to diaphaneity request each, if the request to daylighting is taller, can choose the glass sliding door with good diaphaneity to do space.

That is to say, our aluminum door purchase, but also to see the balcony and which areas of the function of the division.

Three, aluminum door pulley

As one of very important hardware, its quality and durable degree are deciding the service life of sliding door.

The quality of the pulley is better, the center of the ball bearing is refined, its material is divided into iron, stainless steel and NRS type, bearing and durable effect is enhanced in turn, the appearance of the package has modified PPS material, and aluminum alloy compared to more hard, easy to wear resistance and compression.

Quality is poor pulley in external use commonly common engineering plastic, easy to fracture, center is almost not using bearing, only rely on daub lubricating oil, and then to reach the sliding effect by mechanical friction, that is infected with dirt easily, but once the oil is dry, it will be blocked, not sliding phenomenon, of course, also have use ordinary bearing pulley,

But because the craftsmanship is not enough, the aluminum door will be very heavy when it is pushed and pulled, and it needs to be very hard.

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