Villa courtyard door selection skills

Many friends choose to design their own villa courtyard gate, or their own suggestions to customize, at this time there are several points to pay attention to, we can only pay attention to these conditions to make their own courtyard and door more matching, more perfect.

First, people-oriented design principle, people must be the main user of the villa courtyard gate, so in the design of the priority is everyone's essential needs, must let everyone use convenient, safe, this is the first factor to consider.

After satisfying this premise, then consider other issues, such as beauty and so on.

Second, the leading idea of the choice should complement each other with the overall style of the garden. It can take greening as the theme, trees as the background and so on. It mainly depends on what style you want to decorate.

However, we must pay attention to the fact that we should not only consider now, but also consider more about future maintenance, whether it is convenient to maintain and whether it is simple to maintain.

Third, the designer to understand the customer, whether they pay attention to some feng shui, customs, if they pay attention to, where is the need to pay attention, must make a complete plan in advance, in advance of what they want to design things have a general direction can be prepared.

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